As Tom wrote on his Facebook page, “ This win is dedicated to Dad.”

Last Saturday was the final of the Men’s Singles, and it must have been a good match because Tom told me that he scored a 3, and another 3, and then another 3 in the last three ends to clinch the game.

Sadly Tom Reynolds snr passed away a month ago. He would come and watch our ‘at home’ Pennant games  when he could.

Whilst Tom was working his way up through the singles draw, his Dad was always very involved and interested. He wanted to know, Who was Tom’s opponent?, Which day was the match? , Did you win? , Who is the next opponent ? So it was sad that he died just before Tom’s  back to back win.

Tom’s Dad’s memorial service at the MCG.

Tom’s Dad’s memorial service at the MCG.

Because I could not be there to watch , I don’t know how many people came to see the game, or if they took any photos, which would make for a more interesting article.

So commiserations to Matt Cursio the Runner Up, and congratulations to Tom the ‘back to back’ Champ…..Lyn Goodman.

PS. Club records show that a ‘ back to back’ Men’s champion was last achieved during the 1990’s.