On Sunday November 18th. 45 bowlers happily travelled up to central Victoria to play at the picturesque Heathcote Bowling Club. Irene Garrett instigated this trip as her sister-in-law Sharon Vowles is one of the ten ladies at this country club.

By gosh it was an early morning start. We were on the bus by 7.30 am and away by 7.45., but we arrived in under two hours in readiness for a 10 o’clock roll up. We played in mixed teams and the format was two sets of eight ends before lunch and two after lunch. With the weather so warm it was good to be finished by 3.30pm .


Working out where you are playing

Heathcote has two synthetic greens and everyone played two games on each.

Welcome speech and reading of the cards


Playing on the lovely greens.

New acquaintances and friendships were formed because we alternated three times and sat with different people at both lunch and drinks and prize giving afterwards.

There was a popular $2 spinning wheel and later a lucky draw with a least 10 prizes that included the local clean skin wine, Xmas gifts, a knife set, soaps and chocolates.

Various prizes.

In the end there was only one team which won all four games, that team was skipped by Brian Garrett, but the  teams which came 4th, 3rd, and 2nd were also brought to the front and applauded.

Heathcote Bowling Club was started in 1904 and now has 70 members but only 10 ladies. They are still very competitive winning two Pennants in the last three years.

They fund raise easily by having weekly barefoot bowls which is enthusiastically attended, and often the club house is used for wakes and other social activities. One year they proudly paid off a $5000 bank loan in eight months.

It was a very casual day with true country hospitality. The ladies provided an old fashioned healthy salad lunch and then nibbles later. The setting is near a creek with shady trees all along one side.

Irene is to be commended for organising and promoting this day. She spent hours on the phone with Heathcote’s Secretary Pete Cunningham. She encouraged our players to attend, we also had three of Irene’s friends from Eltham, one of Italo’s friends from Templestowe and a lady from East Ivanhoe. Irene honed  in with the details and made sure we were all there for the early morning start. I say GO IRENE!!!

Thank you speeches.

Tired players ready to go home.

It was a most enjoyable laid back $25 day. Lou wanted to know if Irene has any more friends at other clubs where we could have an exchange visit. Thankyou to Heathcote Ladies and Men for all the preparation and work that was necessary for hosting  us for the day, you did yourselves proud……Lyn Goodman.

There are more photos.

Arrival at 9.45am

Waiting for the games to begin

2nd, 3rd, and 4th winning teams

Winners of the raffle with their prizes.

 The Heathcote helpers in the kitchen and in the bar