A BUSY DAY ….part 1 and part 2.


It was week 2 of bowling lessons for students from Doncaster Secondary College with both morning and afternoon sessions. Pete Hanson again had excellent help from Peter Demeris, Henry and Fayette Goralski, Ash Rowe , Peter Caldwell, Ian Hampson, John Thorburn, Lou Anastassiou, Trevor Dawson and Peter Horton who came during the day.

There were 45 year 10 students from 10.15 till 11.15.

Then a break till 2.15 till 3.15 when another 25 year 10 girls and boys came.

Their lessons were all taken on the back green because the front green was being used for…….


……..the Midweek Sectional Semifinal and the team won!! As usual John Nelson’s rink is continually successful. Week after week they bring home the bacon and deservedly win rink of the week. Kudos to John, John Coles, Carolyn Wiltshire and Fran Broadfoot.👏👏👏👏.

So similar to the Saturday firsts, the Midweek team goes straight into the Grandfinal which will be played next Tuesday at a neutral club which is yet to be decided by Bowls Vic.

This win promotes Doncaster to Division 2 next season.

Photos by John Thorburn, Lou Anastassiou, John Nelson and Kerim Sozbir.

Lyn Goodman.