This article has been written from information in a series of emails which Graham Ferres and John Thorburn sent to me.

Graham with one of his Grandsons.

Graham Ferres has taken advantage of Peter Hanson’s offer and organised a zoom session for Doncaster’s Saturday Pennant thirds. Graham was one of the skips in this 2020-21 Pennant side which was promoted from Division 5 to Division 4 for the upcoming season.

Graham contacted all the players to see if they would like a get-together, and several joined to have a 90 minute catch-up on Monday afternoon. Way back in April,  John Thorburn had organised a celebration dinner at the local hotel which was well patronised and enjoyed. This time 10 players logged into the zoom, so Graham was very busy being a good host trying to involve everyone, whilst listening to the happy chatter and sharing of ideas and individual news.

They spoke of the amazing stories from the Para Olympics, the footy, the movies watched…including, “The Good Witch “ series, “Heartland”, Dolly Parton in “ Here I Am”, and Bryan Brown in “ The Light Between the Oceans”. They spoke of the walking some had enjoyed along the Koonung Creek path, also around Banksia Park behind Heide Art Gallery and hilly Ruffey Lake Park.

Of course they  wanted news from the Club. There was a discussion on Pennant starting at the end of October,  then Tak explained about the changes in promotion and relegation now that Bowls Victoria wants to create only 8 sections of 8 clubs in each Division.

John Thorburn said , “We are still waiting for the green light to get back to  Pennant, ” after it was obvious that there was frustration because all just want to at least practice their bowls even if just by themselves.

Some members mentioned that one or someone in their families had been ill. Yes it is good that we can honestly share our cares and worries.

Everyone was so intent on catching up there were no photos taken but John kindly sent this to compensate.

There was quite a bit of laughter between those members, Marion Beckett, Nicole Carriero, Kathy Rehe, Terri and Kevin O’Brien, Tak Shum, Dinesh Balgovind, Robert Bateup, John Thorburn and Graham Ferres that they want Graham  to organise  another zoom  soon.

The Bowls Victoria Changes of Play and the  final list for Midweek and Saturday Pennant is out. You can see it if you go to “What’s New”  on our webpage. Just scroll down to: Changes in Conditions of Play 2021-22, 2021-22 Midweek Draw, 2021-22 Weekend Draw and press…..Lyn.