Dinesh has waited the nine weeks of this lockdown to be able to put to use the halved tennis balls which will be used for coaching sessions, (see the article “Tennis Anyone?”) so  John Thorburn  wrote:

“The sun came out on Thursday and a few of the members also came out to play. Bookings were for an hour and two per rink. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the freedom from the endless lockdown. I gave a bag of the cut tennis balls to Dinesh and he set them out in a square formation. He and I practiced drawing bowls into the centre of the tennis formation toward the jack. It was good fun. Dinesh and Brian Donovan intend to use the balls for coaching.

Tim our hard working green keeper, was also out and about today, spraying for Black Beetles on the back green while we bowled on the front. This is a new sprayer which we bought a month ago. It will spray everything from fertilisers to pest eradication. It pumps out little puffs of foam as line markers to guide the line the machine takes.”

John Thorburn.