The weather was not kind, but that did not stop these 12 enthusiastic employees from the Development Section of  the Doncaster Ambulance  enjoying their morning of fun and barefoot bowling on their well deserved day off.

You may wonder what the red dots signify.  John Thorburn explained that they were stuck on faces when people forgot to use their newly allotted names which were individually assigned  just for the morning.  These names were based on the first letter of your given name and next your month of birth. His was Jolly McFluff.

So everyone had special name tags attached and they had to call each other by these names. If they forgot, on went the dot. The visitors had lots of fun and later sent John Thorburn a message thanking him for the photos he forwarded and for the fantastic happy morning.


Thanks to John Nelson and John Thorburn for running the morning 👏👏 as Peter Hanson is still not well. It was a very busy day for the two Johns as they also played Tournament Triples in the afternoon. Thanks to John Thorburn again for the information and the photos.