6 April 2017


Play began at 10.30am with the first of the three game triples. There was a lunch break at 12.30pm. This year lunch consisted of platters of sandwiches, rollers, and fresh fruit, AND chocolate Easter eggs. Carla DiMattia who was representing the sponsor “Applewood Retirement Village” spoke, raffle tickets were sold, then it was out onto the green for the afternoon’s play.

Teams returned for afternoon tea to find an “Applewood” show bag on their chair, and to await the announcement of the winners. Carla presented the many prizes. So, after all the raffles had been drawn and those prizes distributed, after the resting touchers announced with their envelopes given out, and the first, second and third games winners had received their prizes, it was time for the overall winners of the day.

Who were……..  Third.      Stephen King’s team from Preston/Reservoir. 

                          Second.  Daryl McKenzie’s team from Doncaster.

                          First.       Doug Sexton’s team from Ivanhoe.

Congratulations to these teams.

To make days like this run smoothly needs several weeks preparation. So a big thankyou to those who really “put in.” Robert Bateup as head of the committee, Brian Morris for the liaison with Applewood, for those who donated prizes, for  Gerda van der Peet and Robert again for manning the score board and having correct calculations, John Broadfoot for outside work and collecting the cards, Judy Jackson for her assistance, for the raffle sellers Bert Jackson and Peter Goodman, and for the very hard working duty ladies in the kitchen, Toni Agius, Sandra Dyer, Molly Harding, Robyn Johnson, Sandy McDonald and myself. This year we catered ourselves. It was a long day…….Lyn Goodman.

There are many more photos in the photo gallery so click here. 

First place winners- Doug Sexton’s team from Ivanhoe.

Second place winners- Daryl McKenzie’s team from Doncaster.

 Third place winners- Stephen King’s team from Preston/ Reservoir.

The day started by relaxing before the game.

Or by calculating  chances before the game.

Several ladies played.

Showing the skip just what to do!

Fruit platter preparation.

Gerda and Robert working on the score cards.

Lunch break.

Peter and Bert selling raffle tickets.

Discovering what is in the “Applewood” show bag.