APPLEWOOD WINTER TRIPLES 2018. – Doncaster Bowling Club


This hardy bunch were very glad to come inside, to buy their drinks and pies and  to see which teams had won the prizes.

We are a giving lot, with 21 people happily walking away with money today. Two game winners most shots up and two game winners with second most shots up, and then first game losers but second game winners most shots up as well.


Next it was time for Carla and her barrel boy Carl to spin the  barrel and draw the lucky plus or minus shots. After 12 tries they eventually found a team which matched the little ball. On and on it went amid laughter till at last three more matching numbers were drawn. This is a happy way to spend winter Wednesday afternoons.

Thankyou to Applewood and their representative Carla who has developed a lovely rapport with our members, thanks also to Peter Demeris, Carl Giardina and Nikki Carriero, Di Phelan, and the boys behind the bar for their weekly imput.