Brian Donovan does a terrific job of organising and overseeing different outside organisations and groups who wish to use the club rooms for various functions. Yesterday January 25th was one of those times.

John Thorburn has written this summary.

Alex the Birthday Lady is in green.

Alex the Birthday Lady is in green.

“We had a very happy barefoot bowls occasion at the club for Alex’s 28th birthday. This was held from 5 pm till 8.30pm straight after Pennant. About 20 people came and they appreciated the coaching from Brian Donovan, John Thorburn, John Nelson and Bernie Mullens. Barman Geoff Bandy did an excellent job.

It was a long day for the coaches who had played a full afternoon of Pennant.

Pizza and birthday cake were enjoyed by all. Membership applications were handed out and some showed interest in joining. There were comments on how much fun the game of bowls was.”

Thanks to these volunteers who put in the extra hours whenever called upon….Lyn.