The Chinese Senior Citizens Club of Manningham is again enjoying their afternoon of instruction. This is the third time they have come , January 15th, also March 5th and 12th.



Here is a little background to how they realised the bowls club existed and why they were invited. Tak Shum joined the CSCCM mainly to practice Tai Chi and for the photography section. When the members of CSCCM discovered that he played bowls they also wanted to try. So it was decided to invite them to several afternoons of barefoot bowls. This again  promotes the idea that we are a multi- use and a multicultural Club.



Numbers have been consistent, only falling a little, but you expect that. Thank you to Tak, William Tan, John Nelson and Ash Rowe who have helped each afternoon.



At the end of each session everyone watches a quick match. This week William and John played four ends against each other. The students all cheered when the bowl finished near the jack.


John said that they are showing a lot of promise and several have asked about the fees and would like to join. Tak said that with probable changes to the Constitution there would be possibilities to extra winter bowls either inside or outside.

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Thanks to Tak and John for all the photos and for the information.