For two days last week and two days this week Doncaster has hosted the year 10’s and 11’s for their sporting activities.


This would never have been possible if it had not been for the organising and coaching from a group of our men.

Not every coach came on every day, they came when they were available.

But three men did come on each day… John Nelson, John Thorburn and Peter Hanson. Two weeks, four days , 16 sessions.

Peter Hanson liaised with the School, and he was the main coach. John Thorburn was the photographer for each session (so many photos!)  and in his spare time he coached, John Nelson set up? and coached.

There were 200 teenage pupils each week.

Most had fun and enjoyed themselves. Many were enthusiastic and they really improved especially during week two.

Peter Hanson was overheard giving a speech at the end of the day which went along the lines of……..

” Doncaster Year 11’s,  well done again for giving Lawn Bowls a go so enthusiastically today. It was great that so many of you were really keen. We enjoyed last year when you came as Year 10’s.  It’s been nice to see you one more time over the last two weeks of sessions. Doncaster Bowling Club is pleased to work with your school to give you another chance to play our sport. We would be rapt if any of you wanted to continue to try yourselves out at our Club. Do you know that the best young players in lawn bowls are not much older that you? They play in the top Divisions and for the Australian Bowls Side. Good Luck to you all”

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The last few photos show just how happy the students were….John too🤣🤣.Overall I am sure they all enjoyed themselves.