Below are the results of a very keen competition where Doncaster Bowling Club was not out of the picture to win the Shield, but managed third out of 6 clubs. Cobram 2 gaining first place, followed by Tocumwal, Doncaster, Moe, Finley RSC and East Malvern in their respective places.

Play began on Saturday morning, which felt quite cold, but as the day proceeded it became warmer and very windy. The grass greens were running at 16 to start and the speed increased greatly. Program of the the day was 1 game in the morning, followed by a delicious salad for lunch, supplied by the local club. The afternoon comprised of 2 games. All games were of 12 ends. We later enjoyed a nice meal in the RSL club rooms.

The next day, Sunday, was forecasted with winds 30-40k. This did occur, accompanied by freezing conditions. The bowlers managed the 2 games under this difficult weather, and even so, Doncaster won both games. A hot meal for lunch was supplied by Finley RSCP, followed by the Presentation to the winning club. 

Even though the weather was not as good as we would have liked it to be, everyone had an enjoyable weekend……Bob Urquhart.

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