Three years ago the Doncaster Bowls Clubrooms were hired by the supporters of the Labour Party in  the Menzies electorate, last night it was the Liberal Party’s turn.

Peter Hanson took several weeks to organise this, and the event became the best fund raiser for the season.

Laurie Hogan, Matt Cursio and Geoff Bandy worked behind the bar ALL  night. It was so busy that Laurie and Matt served the drinks while Geoff worked the registers.

After the polling  booths closed at 6pm, at least 165 supporters for Keith Wolahan (who is our hopeful new member)  came, including the Manningham Mayor Michelle Kleinert and Matthew Guy who is the is the Opposition Leader in the Victorian State Government. Matthew  Guy gave a speech about Keith Wolahan in which a few stories were told.

The three TVs were all tuned to Sky News for the evening. But it was not a good or exciting broadcast for the Liberal Party. Even so, the crowd stayed and stayed… till 1 am.
As I write the seat of Menzies is on a knife edge between the two main candidates.

Thanks to Peter Hanson and Laurie Hogan for the information and photos,  and thanks especially to Peter Hanson along with two of the young Party faithfuls Evelyn and her brother, who came the next morning to do all the cleaning up….Lyn Goodman.