Wednesday evening saw the final of the Yarra Region Men’s and Women’s  Triples Competition. Spectators observing  this standard of bowls, especially in the Men’s game, could see the tactics behind head building. Both in the Women’s and Men’s the accuracy  of draw bowling was amazing to watch.

The Women’s teams were represented by Eltham and MCC. The Eltham players were Pamela Flett/ Vicki Williams/ Sue Arnott.

MCC players were Louise Whitehead/ Samantha Robinson/ Alison Hall. The MCC team were the victors 19/9.

Men’s teams came from Bundoora RSL and Hawthorn. The Hawthorn team ( a Div. 2) were Matthew Ottobre/ Andrew Schokman/ Ben  Mantynen.

The Bundoora RSL (a Premier team) were Jason Schwarzer/ Dean O’Neill/Nathan Murray. Bundoora RSL won 18/7.

Yarra Region President Mike Limosani and Tresurer  Elaine Owens presented the medals and winnings to the happy participants.

Again, thanks to all those who helped for the five evenings. Yes it was a PR exercise, used by the Club  to show how much the greens especially the front green  have improved under Tim Fewster’s care.