FOOTBALL FINALS FEVER 2017 – Doncaster Bowling Club




Friday September 29th.


We ate footy food — hot chips, hot dogs, pies and sausage rolls, and beef sliders, and then we had a handball competition.

This handball competition was the highlight of the night. Nearly everyone wanted a go. So after being divided into Tigers and Crows it was game on! 100 points through the hole, 40 points onto the yellow and 20 points onto the green. Some contestants foot faulted, many missed completely, lots hit the board and a few did a bulls eye right through the middle. It was such simple great fun. Final scores were Tigers 2060 and Crows 1560.

Tim Fewster won the Best and Fairest medal, John Phillips the Brownlow medal, Ron Rogers had a gold cup awarded for the Best Individual score, Geoff Bandy also received a cup for the Most Improved (whilst emphasising to us that Footscray FC were still the reigning premiers!) and Fran Broadfoot was given another cup for the player with the Best Potential. The acceptance speeches covered trainers?….. who were?, team mates?…..who were?, Mothers for giving birth….what!!, and friends.

The raffle basket full of things useful at a footy match was won by David Southwood, and two minor prizes were won by Graeme Warren and Carolyn Whiltshire.

The Social Committee did a wonderful job organising this evening on such a full activity day, ie: the last Saturday Pennant practice, the information session, and a visit from our local Member of Federal Parliament. Thanks also to David Norman the chip cook, and especially to Graeme Warren for supplying the footballs and for making the handball board…..Lyn Goodman.

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Best and Fairest …. Tim Fewster.

Brownlow Medal ….John Phillips.

Best Individual Score…. Ron Rogers receiving his cup from Chris Scane.

Most Improved….Geoff Bandy gets the hug.

Best Potential….Fran Broadfoot receives her cup.

Did this Tiger fan know something???

The biggest fan base…….Collingwood!!!!