It was Melbourne Cup Day and to celebrate our increasing and gathering freedoms the Social Committee organised a free day. Free good weather, (well nature did that), free bowls, and a free sausage sizzle which culminated in free happiness.

Nearly 60 players came, first for a “spider” roll to the centre jack, which Brian Donovan won and Matt Cursio came second.

Then for a game of triples over about 20 or so ends,

which was followed by the sausages, drinks and the Cup  sweep.

Beth Reid, Irene Garrett and their Social Ladies organised a casual fun day. John Phillips provided the sausages which were cooked to perfection by the BBQ men.

There were winners galore in all kinds of categories, weird and otherwise…. from winning margins, closest margins, colours of cars, and hats. It has just dawned on me…..they were all racing related!

Two sweeps were held for the main event of the day. Nicole Carriero’s  and Brian Garrett’s horse Verry Elleegant came first. There were also prizes for 2nd, 3rd and last.


Thanks to the many people who helped to put this day together, Peter Demeris, Beth, Irene, Anna, Carolyn, Elaine, the boys behind the bar, and Brian Garrett and Peter Goodman on the barbie, and whoever organised the rinks, umbrellas and the rest of the outside ……great job, well done all.


PS. The 2021-22 diaries have arrived and are ready to be collected. This year they are spiral bound and have an updated colourful cover, a good improvement…….John Thorburn, Lyn Goodman.


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Below are John Thorburn’s photos. He is my extra photographer and a great help. You too can become part of our team.


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