On Friday 24 February Doncaster Secondary School participated in four more coaching sessions. A small group began at 9.10 am , then during the day further groups of 50, 50, and 70 arrived.

Thank goodness for all the extra coaches from the club. In no particular order they were; Ian Hampson, Henry Gorleski, Matt Cursio, Keith Kirby, John Nelson, John Thorburn, John Coles, Peter Caldwell , Pete Hanson and Ray Rattray-Wood.

Again John Thorburn’s photos and summaries have been so helpful.



The next group had students who had played in teams last year.

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The temperature rose , it was harder for the students, shady places were favoured . Here are photos of the last two large groups. The teachers distributed icy poles to the coaches much to the disappointment of the students .

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To end the day 12 employees from the Insurance section of Johns Lyng arrived for a game of barefoot bowls and pizza. John said they had enough potential to make a new Pennant team.

That was a day from before 8.30 am till well past 6pm. Well done to all concerned. The school is coming back again on Thursday and Friday to reinforce all the skills learned.