One of my recent emails stated that Friday 27 August was day 207 of hard lockdown, then, if you counted the light  lockdowns, there was a further 43 days. All since March 2020. No wonder we are “over it.”

We are used to “life on a loop”, again here we are, drink in hand , another Friday Happy Hour zoom with 18 members logged on and wanting to know the possibilities of the weeks ahead.

Here is a summary of what we talked  about;
Dianne Phelan mentioned that this night was supposed to be our Opening Night , so yes we still have that to look forward to eventually. Dates for tournaments were also spoken of, will they be starting in late September?

Then the conversation turned to dates in the past. “Who is the longest serving member?”  “When did so and so join?” Peter Hanson had all this information at his fingertips…..interesting waffle.

Tim updated us on  the condition of both greens. Gerda had trouble with the sound but used nods and shakes of her head to communicate, Kathy had trouble with the clarity of her screen, but these Ladies still stayed logged on and I hope they  enjoyed their hour of Club information.

Last week Dinesh Balgovind told us that he had been accepted to join the Advanced Coaching  course run by Michael Beaumont.   Dinesh hopes to start this probably at the end of September.  He will give us more detail of what it entails  in the September Bulletin . I am sure our club will gain much from Dinesh’s knowledge.

Thanks to John Nelson for filling me in of a joyful  5 pm – 6pm “Happy Hour”…and thanks to Peter Hanson for organising the zoom. Peter says he is willing to allow others to host these sessions. Come on, learn something new in your long lockdown days, it is not difficult……..Lyn.