Wow, that was a different end to the school year for the  120 Grade 6 pupils from Doncaster Gardens Primary School……they played bowls at the club.

First they were divided into two groups for inside and outside activities.

Paul Holtschke who is Regional Bowls Manager  from Bowls Australia, explained the fundamentals of bowling, and  the children practiced careful rolling with the aim to stop on a target.

Meanwhile the children inside under the supervision of Frankie  Hocking who is the Bowls Participation Coordinator from Bowls Victoria played various games which included individual problem solving and team work.

Later all the children gathered in their smaller individual  teams on the front green for a  game of bowling footy. Six points for a goal and one for a point.

Lunch was a variety of  pizzas, certainly  enjoyed by all, then…..

it was back inside for prize giving .


Obviously there was a lot of planning for this day to be successful. Thanks to all the teachers who walked the children forward and back to school and supervised. Thanks to Paul and Frankie who have attended Doncaster previously.  Thanks to our band of helpers who always turn up.. Peter Hanson, John Thorburn, John Nelson, Lou Anastassiou, Tony Maruzzi and Graham Ferres were outside, then Sandy McDonald,  Irene Garrett and Lyn were inside to help with activities.

Here is a slider of photos taken by Lyn and John during the day but in no particular order.

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Wait ….that is not all!  The school children were here from 10am till after 2pm,  there was a lull of two hours , the men caught their breath and an adult party of 15 who arrived. This time it was the Customer Service group from Manningham Council.  Peter, the two Johns, Tony and Lou were back outside teaching again, whilst Matt Cursio and Laurie Hogan mangaged the bar.

Doncaster Bowls Club is encouraged to use the building for all kinds of groups, and this week it certainly is doing this.

Thanks John Thorburn for these final photos….Lyn Goodman.