Last year the Doncaster Gardens Primary School Grade Sixers played bowls for their break-up, and  this year too, the 2022 graduating classes returned to celebrate the end of their Primary days.

So from 10-30am to 2-30pm the greens were filled with 105 students and their 12 teachers playing a version of bowls.  Matt and Campbell came out  from Bowls Victoria to organise, also to set up the activities which included  team games using small rubber balls. They were ably helped, again by the usual club volunteers, John Nelson, Peter Caldwell, Matt Cursio and John Thorburn.

Helpers for the day, minus Matt Cursio.

Of course there was a break at 1 o’clock for a enjoyable pizza lunch.

There was great excitement during the bowls games when the students were completely involved and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Some said that it was so much better than they expected and that they had lots of fun.

The teachers thanked the club for running the event and confirmed that they would like to come back again next year.

It was a long day for the four Doncaster coaches but so rewarding to see how the students enjoyed themselves.


John Thorburn.