Last Saturday Elizabeth Reid and Gerda Van der Peet organised the Indoor Bowls for the final time this year in the Clubhouse. Each week we have relaxed together, laughed a bit challenging ourselves to play the best shot we could in the rinks selected by Elizabeth and Gerda.

Some weeks it was Brian Morris’ rink taking on Lorraine Holstock’s rink. There were no ‘sheep stations involved’ with no prizes, just some satisfaction if your rink won an end or a match.

One of the pleasures of Indoor Bowls is that with the short length mats, all the players can watch the head develop and share in the clapping and encouragement for anyone’s good shot. Last week the turn in the ‘Winners’ circle was the rink of Graham Ferres with Anna Pouki and Bev Benias.

At the end of the afternoon the group all pitched in to clean the carpets perfectly (with the club’s old-fashioned  carpet sweeper) and to move the Indoor Bowls gear to the storeroom.

Thanks from everyone of us to Elizabeth and Gerda for their time, skill and effort for running the Indoor Bowls this year…..Graham Ferres.