Santa and his helper Santa and his helper


So far we have had three Xmas activities.

Two of these are on a previous news article called ” WHO WILL WIN ONE OF THESE?” They are the hampers and the Xmas hams. Here are the final results of the winners.

Father Christmas ( Brian Garrett) arrived jingling his bell, heralding the start of the draw. His assistant Beth Reid was his only helper this year, maybe the virus has scared off the elves.

It was a lucky year for the men, they scooped the prize pool.

1st….Tim Fewster.

Tim and Santa

Tim and Santa

2nd….Daryl McKenzie.

3rd….Carl Giardina.

Santa's helper and Carl

Santa’s helper and Carl

4th. ….John Broadfoot.

Fran Broadfoot and Santa

Fran Broadfoot and Santa

5th….Morrie Kiefel

6th …..Gus Rosa.

Santa and Gus

Santa and Gus

Three extra small prizes were won by

John McPhee and

Frank Sette and

Santa and Frank

Santa and Frank

Tak Shum.

Tak with his prize

Tak with his prize


Next was Dianne Phelan’s weekly sale of the Christmas hams. Thankyou to Dianne and her ticket sellers. The sale of these tickets raised $???? Maybe someone could tell me?

Dianne's gift wrapped ham

Dianne’s gift wrapped ham

No photos of these winners as I was never around for the draw.(See we need more than one photographer)

Men again were the lucky winners. Week 1, Kevin Mason;  Week 2 , Peter Goodman; Week 3 , Max Zalakos.


The third was the celebratory free sausage sizzle. We certainly all enjoyed that. Special thanks to Ed Porad as it was his first time buying the supplies, and thanks to Max Zalakos and George Pouki and Anna Pouki for cooking and serving. Also Elizabeth Zalakos and Elaine Kleinert.   ( no photos again)….Lyn.