It may have been freezing outside but inside the Clubhouse a warm winter evening was enjoyed by 60 members and friends on the very successful Italian night.

Beth Reid had decorated the room with the table settings in red , white and green.

On arrival Italian music was already playing, and there was a buzz in the kitchen from where delicious herb and tomato aromas wafted around if you came close to the service hatch.

You were encouraged to buy a raffle ticket, and also to try and discover the 12 different things found in an Italian Nonna’s kitchen. They were secured in enclosed fabric bags.

After Fran’s welcome a delicious three course meal was served…..and eaten.

Throughout the evening there were competitions with various Italian culinary prizes to be won.
Just for luck, if you were sitting in a chair with a red dot the prize was a bottle of passata. No, not wine!

There was an Italian general knowledge quiz. A 12 question sheet was distributed to each table to answer. The clever winners answered 11 correctly, they received chocolates.

The prize winners from the mystery bags from Nonnas kitchen won a packet of grissini bread sticks each. The best answer was 9 1/2 out of 12.

Then there was the raffle, these prizes were Italian boxes of chocolates.

Lastly was an auction with auctioneer Beth. The donated meat tray went for $55, and a bottle of unknown wine, which went up to $45.

Brian and Pauline Donovan were special guests and how nice that they both won prizes in the raffle.

A very very generous donation of 10 kg of mince meat for the lasagna plus the special meat tray was given by Mauro Bros. the butcher in Tunstall Square (They are a sponsor and please remember that you receive a 10% discount when you shop there.) Thankyou to Otto for organising that donation. 👏👏.

A big thanks to Fran and the Social Club Ladies for doing the shopping and all the cooking and organising, Gerda, Beth, Elaine, Sandy, Irene, Sandra, Chris and Marion. Yes, it was hard work and was much appreciated.

Thanks to Brian who worked on the bar, and the music. The music was especially enjoyed by Matt and Sandra who danced around the kitchen.

Thanks to the men who washed up in the kitchen, Matt, Chris and George. Thanks again to Matt for helping beforehand in the preparation with the Ladies.

Thanks to John Thorburn for all the photos below.

A happy night out,😊😊 Lyn Goodman.