This time it was the “Make Safe” section of Johns Lyng who came to enjoy a sunny afternoon of dining, drinks and bare foot bowling.

Because of a Company meeting the 35+ guests arrived at 1pm, and when lunch was served at 1.30pm it was really well received.

Cliff Wigney and Brian Garrett cooked a variety of sausages, hamburgers and chicken tenders.

Elaine Kleinert, Sandra Dyer, Marion Beckett and Lyn Goodman prepared five different modern healthy salads, plus Elaine cooked lemon and also custard tarts for dessert. Irene Garrett popped in later to help.

Then in her spare? time around about noon!   Elaine whipped up a batch of scones to test the club’s oven. What a busy morning …….glad the visitors arrived at 1pm.

The bare foot bowls was supervised by Peter Hanson, Peter Caldwell , John Thorburn and John Nelson.


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The two Peters and Geoff Bandy also ran the bar.

Someone even brought a cap.

John Thorburn took most of the photos.

It was another very successful day in more ways than one.$$$.

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Lyn Goodman.