A quick summary.

The weather was windy, as  it always seems to be in Doncaster, and thank goodness the temperature dropped a little early in the afternoon. Five Pennant teams won out of six. That was a great result.

According to Bowls Vic, Frank Grasso’s rink score is: shots for 24 and shots against 15, therefore result is +9. So the team won by +28.

Matt Cursio won the last ham raffle. Thanks to the ladies who bought them and to the other ladies who then sold tickets each week. Four hams, four happy winners….Matt Cursio,  Otto Cardamone,  Joe Agius, and Brian Donovan.


After the game there was the usual free sausage sizzle . Nothing had to be bought or prepared as all the ingredients were already in the freezer, but thanks to George and Anna Pouki and Bob Graham for doing the cooking.

Here is a sea of gold relaxing after eating their sausages.