Added 13 May 2020

This website is the BeConnected Digital Training Skills program we will be running at the club. Some may have already signed up for it and have a login. 

If you want to complete a course whilst in isolation please contact Tricia (0433 166 244), for a log in and password. 


Champa Balgovind has discovered a website called ‘be connected ‘. She says, “This website has interesting games and instructions on how to use features on your phone and iPad.”

I just googled……be connected. Or you can press



I had a little fiddle, you can learn how to Skype, play various games, (see below), or find out ” who do you think you are?” with genealogy and lots more.  Have a go and find your own interests.  This is a change from watching Netflix…..

Stay safe, calm, and do your daily exercise. We will get through this.   Lyn.