With apologies  to “Banjo” Paterson,

” There was
 movement at the bowling club, for the season’s almost here,”

And so it was this week. The attention to which our Greenkeeper Tim Fewster has given the front green all winter has paid dividends.

On Wednesday and Thursday Whitefriars College year 10 students used this green for part of their sporting program. During the two hour long sessions Peter Hanson ably introduced the boys to the fundamentals  of bowls, whilst being assisted by Peter Caldwell, John Coles, Trevor Dawson, Henry Goralski, Bernie Mullens and John Nelson.

Several of the boys showed promising ability and are already bowling in a school’s competition.

On the Thursday morning session Mark Coleman also attended. Mark has replaced Paul Holtschke as the Regional Bowls Manager of Metro. Melbourne and Geelong.


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On Thursday afternoon taking advantage of the sunny warmer? weather Brian Donovan and several of his “gardening girls” spent a couple of hours planting and weeding their assigned patches.

The garden beds are neat and colourful. Brian has planted out many new shrubs and seedlings. Love the pansies with their happy faces.


It is only a week until Opening Night and preparations are well underway.

Thanks to John Nelson for the Whitefriars sports sessions photos….Lyn.