Every year around Christmas Lou Anastassiou’ s home is transformed into a grandchildren’s delight. It has a light display outside in the front garden and inside the dining room table becomes a snowy village with a train tootling around.

This transformation begins early in November and is completed for the big switch on December first.

Lou and his wife Julie have been delighting their nine Grandchildren with this show for the past 10 years. Julie is in charge of the inside decorations. As well as the train running around the dining table there are Aussie touches here and there on shelves and a special Aussie Christmas tree with kangaroos and koalas.

Lou speciality is in the front garden. From several “switch boards” with wires going every which way the lights come on every night from 8 pm till midnight. Lou’s proudest creation are the reindeers pulling the sleigh. Lou drew this first, then cut it out with a jigsaw, painted it, decorated it and placed fairy lights on it.

Originally Lou bought various pieces from retail stores, now he and Julie keep their eyes open at garage sales and op shops.

Lou says the Grandchildren like the chugging train most of all.

The front garden is a special winking, blinking  light show and runs from December 1st to January 3rd. Take your own Grandchildren you will not be disappointed. The photos do not do it justice.

Here’s a little Doncaster history. The court in which to go and see this Christmas display, is named from the first letter of the Tully family who owned and ran an orchard on the land. It is Libere Court and Beth Reid ( Elizabeth) is one of the e’s as she was born a Tully.  …..AND our club is in J.J. Tully Drive……Lyn.