Last Sunday David Clifton held his 60th birthday party in the club rooms. Over 40 guests attended. It was to be held at home but under recent Covid restrictions the venue had to be changed.  ( A change occurred for David’s wedding 18 months ago too. That time it was because  of the weather that the venue was relocated from the garden rotunda to the bowls club.)

David is a record collector. Hence the specially decorated birthday cake. Philippa his wife wrote:

He attends buy and swap markets. Often his friend John Thornburn helps him set up at the one on Sunday in the Tunstall Square car park.

David has not bowled lately. He attends Austin Hospital for five hourly sessions of dialysis three times a week, so it was wonderful to know that he celebrated a milestone birthday with many friends and family.

Thanks to John Thornburn, Philippa and Irene Garrett for photos and information and thanks to Geoff Bandy who was the barman during this musical party.

🎼🎼🎉🎉🎉HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY DAVID 🎉🎉🎉🎼🎼