On Friday 17th December we hosted the sixth Christmas party for the week. About 20 people from the Manningham Council came for drinks, a sit down two course meal and then a game of bowls.

Again we were lucky to have a band of helpers at the bar, in the kitchen and outside on the green.

Thanks to Geoff Bandy (this is his second home),  John Thorburn and John Nelson who have been outside every day, then today were assisted by Peter Caldwell, and Ash Rowe.  Sandra Dyer , Elaine Kleinert and Henry Goralski helped me in the kitchen along with the BBQ men Brian Donovan, Brian Garrett and Peter Goodman.


Peter Hanson has only been able to organise and coordinate  all these functions because  we both know that without these willing small bands of helpers throughout the past week NONE of these days could have happened. Thanks to all who came, you are really appreciated 😊👍👍😊

These days raise money for the club and just as importantly raise our profile. Over 200 outsiders have passed though Doncaster Bowls Club in the week. The majority probably did not know where it was or what  you could do here  or that you could learn to play bowls………Lyn Goodman.

Thanks John Thorburn for most of the photos again , you are my great assistant photographer.👍

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