Gary Baird emailed that Tim has salvaged our unused coring  machine from the back of the shed and refurbished it with new wheels and  other parts. It seems to be working a treat.

Thanks to Tim’s many helpers the back green is really getting a makeover. Here’s Tony Smart guiding the machine.

First the coring had to be done. Once Tim has set the guide lines the machine will move along by itself, drilling out 6″ cores…….but  it needs to be watched, and Tak Shum and Tony Maruzzi were the ‘watchers’.

Tim also helps to turn the machine at each rink end.

The whole back green was cored. Then the new soil was spread.

It is loam mixed with fertiliser.


Next it is raked and levelled which is a three person job with the wide heavy rake. Geoff Bandy interchanged with Tim, John Thorburn, John Nelson and Robert Graham. ( Sandy McDonald tried too.)

Heavy watering will now be implemented to encourage growth. Further soil will be added to the flat spots.

Tim is doing a great job as our new greenkeeper. The front green runs true and is a pleasure to play on.

Thanks John Thorburn for this information.