Sunday 29 January 2017


The deliberate mixing of new members and their mentors along with some of the old members made a relaxed and successful evening. Brian Donovan’s initiative on how to welcome our new bowlers really worked.

Many people had their name tags on which made greetings easier during drinks.

Brian Morris introduced the 14 new members one by one and it was good to see wives, sons, daughters and grandchildren had come along too.

The new members who attended are, Nazir Gul, Ken Griska, Peter Hanson, Tony Hogan, Santo Isgro, Creighton Parker, Anna Pouki, George Pouki, David Purdon, Tak Shum, K L Siaw, John Stammers, Elizabeth Zalakos and Max Zalakos.

Everyone enjoyed the BBQ and salads prepared by four of the ladies and two of the men.

Then it was out onto the greens for a game of three bowl triples. All the new members were chosen as leads and they had to move down a rink after four ends to a new second and a new skip. This was a good way to get to know different people.

There were no winners or losers, just a happy get-together and warm welcome.

Brian Donovan said there were still people at the club at 10pm——- tennis night owls!! ….Lyn.

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