What a busy day


Our Coach Richard Lovell was the driving force behind this idea. He suggested it several months ago and it has paid off.

Over a week or two we brought in all kinds of useful but unwanted goods. On Friday and Saturday the club rooms were transformed into different areas for specific items.

There were people waiting to get in an hour before opening time.

When the doors opened the rush was on. Thankyou to our volunteer members who manned the tables.

The biggest thanks goes to Richard and his wife Heather who were here all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Also thanks to Beth Reid, Margaret Parker, Peter Hanson, Irene Garrett, Ian Golding, Geoff Bandy , and all the other 27 members who came and went at different times of the day.  Many hands make light work.

Yes, yes a goodly amount of money was raised….. Several thousand dollars!!!!!  So thanks again Richard for your enthusiasm…Lyn