Tom Reynolds is the Club Champion for the third time in a row.      (Three in a row, the Dulux Show! I think that was the old ad.) CONGRATULATIONS TOM.🥇

Tom Reynolds and Tim Fewster are both skips in the top side so it was always going to be a close game.

Tim Fewster and Tom Reynolds

Tim Fewster and Tom Reynolds.


The game was played in perfect weather; no sun , no wind, and at last a balmy decent temperature.


Tony Smart was the umpire.


The concentration from the word go was intense.  Just look at the set lips on both men, and this was just the roll up.


The scores were quite tight for most of the game as were many of the heads.


Sometimes Tom pulled ahead just to have Tim creep up by one or two. Several times one player would be holding multiple shots, when on the last bowl of the end the opponent would come in and take the shots away.


It was difficult to see the head at the far end of the green, but when Tom thought he was home and hosed, Tony held up a ‘4 ‘ indicator which Tim had scored. This put both players into the 20’s.

On the end which ultimately was the last , with scores of, Tim 22 and Tom 24 there was one bowl for each to play.  Both men walked up to observe the placement. Tom was holding so he stayed.  Tim came back and bowled . He did not change the head.

Last end and Tom is holding for the game


Therefore Tom Reynolds was the 2023 winner and the Doncaster champion with the final score of 25 to 22.

It was a great game to watch. Congratulations to Tom , and also to Tim as the Runner Up.
With Tom as our Champion again, I will not have to change the winners display photo, he just looks three years younger.🤣🤣🤣

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