MIDWINTER BOWLING – Doncaster Bowling Club


Some days are sunny, some days are cold and winter bowls are more than half way through. Leading the points scoring in the Saturday competition is Eddie Azzopardi’s team with 90, then Craighton Parker’s with 70, and George Hindi’s with 65. Ting Ho has the closest Doncaster team with 50. Today (June18) the Ringwood Mazda weekly prize went to Garry Baird, Keith Kirby and Peter Johnson with 25 shots up. There were also 3 prizes for lucky lead, second and skip, but 3 others had to contribute $1 each into the charity box for a wrong bias. Last Wednesday (June15) in the ‘Applewood’ triples competition, Brian Garrett’s team won the most shots up AND the accumulated 3 week prize. Brian now has bought his wife Irene a new set of bowls!…..Lyn Goodman.