OUR LOSS IS TORQUAY’S GAIN. – Doncaster Bowling Club



Judith and Graeme. 


His nickname at Bunnings where he worked was ” Grumpy” but he was never like that around our club. It was weird, because if you went into the store and asked for Graeme, the floor staff did not know who you meant. But then if you said ” Grumpy” they always directed you straight to his department.

To us he was kind, jovial and always very helpful around the club, also rumour has it that he can be the life of the party aboard cruise ships.

Graeme joined Doncaster in October 1999. He played Pennant both on Saturdays and Tuesdays, and Tournaments on Mondays and Wednesdays. He has helped run the winter events too. In the last few years he  played weekend bowls at Torquay.

Ian Golding says, “Over the years Graeme has rebuilt at least four of the main scoreboards which had rotted. In recent times he repainted the coloured rink markers on the front and back greens and also added aluminium sleeves to many of the holes which hold the orange rink pegs. Graeme was always prepared to lend a hand  whenever asked. ( I know…I persuaded him into helping put up the new curtains last year. And didn’t he make the handball competition board for Grand Final night??) We will miss his expertise.”

Farewell Graeme , good luck and be happy…….Lyn.