Eleven members are raising funds for the local RSLs.


Brian Donovan, Ken Morris and Peter Caldwell.

It is almost Anzac Day and every year several of our members dutifully sell pins and pens at the local shopping centres. This money raised goes towards the care of our returned servicemen and women and their families.

The pins are priced from $2 to $50 and the useful biros are $5. Please, if you are shopping and pass the R.S.L. table buy something in gratitude to our veterans.

Bob Urquhart and Matt Cursio.

Gary Baird, Matt Cursio, Brian Donovan, Peter Caldwell, Brian and Rosamond Hester, Ken Morris, John Phillips, Warren Redman, and Bob Urquhart are all working at The Pines shopping centre. Rein Van der Peet is working on his 92 birthday!!?? at Coles Supermarket at Tunstall Square. Thanks to these dedicated people……Lyn.

Ken Morris and Peter Caldwell.

If you think the photos are a little grainy, they are.  A lady passing by took them.