Tim Fewster speaking.



On a beautiful autumnal day many members enjoyed a free game of bowls and a special afternoon tea of sandwiches and sponge cake because this was the day the club recognises the Bowls President and all the work it entails.

Representatives from the
Bowls Committee

Phil Rock who is the Secretary of this Committee introduced President Tim Fewster emphasising that not only does he do the Committee work, he represents to the Board of Management and the Yarra Region Bowls council.  He is also the Greenkeeper and is often a bar attendant.

Phil introduces Tim.

Tim replied saying that he had enjoyed his year.  He then mentioned the hard working volunteers of the Social Committee and especially the Tournament Committee who need more ‘hands on help.’

Because of upcoming proposed changes to the Regulations and Constitution Phil said that this would probably be the last year of this special day.

Thanks for your year Tim.