COVID-19 UPDATE@29 Jan 2021

Update @ 29 January 2021

As Victoria has moved to a COVIDSafe Summer restrictions on 6 December 2020,  our club is now operating as pre-COVID days. However, members are reminded to following public health advice with regard to maintaining social distancing and personal hygiene.
  • All players are to register on arriving. (either using the club QR code or register)
  • Mask are NOT required when playing outdoors, but players should still carry one with them for times when it is needed (e.g. when social distancing cannot be maintained)
  • Sanitise hands upon arrival and leaving.
  • Refrain from shaking hands, high-fives or any contact with others.
  • Maintain 1.5m social distancing by using the bank area, if required.
  • The mat and the jack must be sanitised by the lead prior to commencing each end.
  • Leads to sanitise their hands regularly, preferably prior to picking up the mat and jack.
  • Other players to sanitise their hands after every 6 ends.
  • Skip to position the jack using foot only.
  • Use spray chalk or liquid chalk only for marker.
  • One player from home team per rink to operate the scoreboard.
  • Pens to keep score should not be shared.
  • Sanitise hands before making tea/coffee