Yes, we are disappointed, to have got this far and to  stumble at the last hurdle. Then again the team achieved its primary goal which was to be promoted to Division 2 for next season. So well done us.

We travelled down to Noble Park Bowls Club where we were beaten by Whittlesea 3. With two ends to go we were  only 2 points behind. Whittlesea came with a rush, we lost 1 and a 5 and another 5. The final score was Doncaster 73 Whittlesea 86. They were ecstatic we were deflated.

The weather was miserable all day, it rained, the wind came in gusts and it was cold.

After the game and  back in the Doncaster clubrooms we received the ‘Runners Up ‘ medals, which Trevor distributed to each player with a quick personal speech.

Tony thanked both Trevor and Carl for their weekly huddle talks.

Not all players returned to the club rooms for the subdued celebrations, some are not well.

I would like to thank all those hardy spectators and followers who braved the cold these last two days to come and watch our team, and the emergency player Dinesh Balgovind who doubled up as the outside photographer and “lolly boy.”

A big thank you to these Doncaster members who stayed at Doncaster with other finals games: Saturday’s BBQ cookers Tony and Mabel Cuce and Sunday’s John Thorburn and John Nelson….eight hours each day cooking and serving sausages.

Thankyou to Ian Golding and Geoff Bandy for a weekend of standing behind the bar. Thanks also to Lou Anastassiou who was Saturday’s umpire, and Elizabeth Reid who was the umpire for Sunday. It is these willing volunteers who make this club run.

Over this season we have had minimal changes in the top side. with just  a few hiccups, no,… more likely big bumps! health wise, and then there were those  holidays and family commitments and forgetful seniors moments. ( just ask Cliff)  So thanks to these 21 players in the team of 16  for a wonderful year. In alphabetical order they are:

Gary Baird 10 games, Geoff Bandy 1 game, Peter Caldwell 14 games, Jennifer Craig 1 game, Matt Cursio 2 games,  Trevor Dawson 14 games, Fred Duthie 13 games,  Tim Fewster 14 games, Carl Giardina 12 games, Lyn Goodman 14 games, Peter Hanson 14 games, Barry Hardman 11 games, Laurie Hogan 14 games,  Keith Kirby 14 games, Dianne Phelan 7 games, Ray Rattray-Wood 13 games, Tom Reynolds 14 games, Brian Salvage 14 games, Frank Sette 7 games, Tony Smart 7 games and Cliff Wigney 14 games………Lyn Goodman.