Robert Bateup was the Emcee for the evening, giving the 100 or so guests a bit of a laugh with his weird jokes, as well as first introducing  the Chairman Peter Letos who then presented four members with their Super Veterans badges. We found out that Brian Salvage joined the club in 1984 and his achievements over the years are quite remarkable, including winning the Legacy Pairs ( with Brian Ford) and the Dallas Brooks Trophy which is comparable to the Metropolitan Area Champion of Champions.

Other  reciprients were Bev Benias, Bruce Hallman, Kevin Phelan and Peter Letos himself. See their photos below.

After a delicious meal Robert introduced the Bowls Section President Gary Baird, who gave out the special 8 badges to the Tuesday Ladies Only Pennant  rink who won these against a Montmorency rink back in January.

Gary also presented all the event winners and runners-up with their prizes.

Chris Scane was the winner  and Gus Rosa the runner-up of the Novice Singles.

The  Mixed Pairs went to our coach Richard Lovell ( his partner Teresa  Bowden did not attend), and runners-up were the husband and wife combination of Marion and Garry Beckett.

This year we introduced Open Triples. The runners-up were Gary Baird, Nicole Carriero and Dianne Phelan , whilst the winners were Brian Salvage, Barry Hardman and Ken Morris. (See photos just below.)

The winners of the Men’s Pairs were Gary Baird and Ian Golding who substituted for David Thomas because David was overseas on business….but they all recieved a prize. Trevor Dawson represented himself and his partner Fred Duthie as runners-up.( See below again.)

The Ladies Singles runner-up was Nicole Carriero and the winner was yours truely me.

The Men’s Singles runner-up was Carl Giardina.

Gary Baird was the winner. Gary received three awards on the night, a terrific effort seeing he is Bowls President and the duties that that entails.


The two singles winners gave heartfelt and amusing acceptance  speeches, then the night was over faster than usual…….Lyn Goodman.