The fifth zoom session or an excellent excuse for 5pm drinky drinks was held last evening September 17th., and it was well attended.

This lockdown began on August 5th , six weeks ago , and my, is it dragging on. Leaked snippets of hope only to be dashed by eventual announcements. The curfew is still in place, schools are still  closed, but now you can travel 10kms which has been increased from 5kms. Up to five people can meet outside for a picnic without alcohol  but with the weather forcast of wind and rain and cold temperatures for the next week who would want to?

Conversation was fast and upbeat last evening with the usual topics covered; members health, especially on the emotional and mental side,   football and food, and  Carl’s clothing!

Carl showing his new bargain bowls shirt,

When will we be able to walk through the gate

and out onto the beautiful greens?,

which by the way look super. Saturday Pennant is supposed to begin on October 16th 2021, last year restrictions were eased  on  October 27th. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed whilst hoping for the best………Lyn.