So much going on and lots coming up.

The days are shortening and it is becoming colder but that does not mean activities have stopped.

Here are some things which have happened plus some which are yet to occur.

Friday afternoon drinks along with the dim sims are going “ gang busters” , Eileen McCormack estimates that between 30 and 40 people regularly attend.

Robert Bateup says that on the outside green the selected triples have 12 teams on Wednesday and 14 on Saturday, as yet the weather has been just perfect.

Gerda Van der Peet is organising social indoor bowls, she says that an average of 12 players participate. Last Saturday she welcomed three new players making it 15 for the afternoon. Please join this group if you find it too cold outside.

The A.G.M. has come and gone, the meeting was over in 30 minutes this year. ( Must be time record.) Thanks to Trevor Dawson for chairing and running it very smoothly.

The hedge all around the back green has had a No 2 haircut! It may look stark and bare at the moment but give it a year or two and I am sure it will be thick and lush and low just like the front hedge. Garry Baird oversaw this enormous job. He says that eventually all the hedges will look the same and will be able to be maintained without contract help. He also says that we will see new growth in the summer but it will take a couple of years before it starts to look like a hedge.

Tak Shum has made a slide display of all our sponsors. They can be seen on both TV screens although not simultaneously. Thanks Tak.

A successful Travel Expo was held in the clubrooms with the planning, organising and promoting mostly done by Peter Horton. Tak promoted it also to the CSCCM. Here is Peter’s summary.

There was even a coffee van available, yes we know how Melbourne citizens love their coffee.

The final Wednesday night catered meal is on May 22nd. Have you put your name down?

The Ladies Social Committee have organised a fashion parade for this coming Friday May 24th, Fashions by Posties, along with a glass of bubbly and a homemade luncheon. They have secret ideas for winter…still being planned.

That’s all the news I have gathered, Lyn.