During the Question and Answer Zoom session last week Graham Ferres inquired if it would be possible for a social Zoom session or sessions to be organised.

Tricia O’Connor and Peter Hanson quickly got to work , and within seven days had this social interaction up and running.

Morning tea or coffee at 10am on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Today 14 people logged on . No one was muted, people came and went at will. Various topics were spoken about and discussed just as if you were around the kitchen table at home. An hour was time enough. Our emotional health is being met.

Next session is on this coming Tuesday at 10am again.

Maybe there will be a 5pm pre dinner drinks session soon as well. Several people thought that could be a “goer”.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pop a bottle of champers, open a good bottle of red, or crack a tinny if we found we had something to celebrate.