December 1st.

Christmas cheer was being spread early. Lorraine McLean was selling tickets for the first of the Christmas hams before play started in the very blustery conditions. Matt Cursio won the ham.

We were blown home and then back again for our annual Christmas Dinner Dance. Marceau Camille was the “all round ” entertainer with his mastery of several instruments and genres of music and songs.

One hundred and forty people attended, Bob Urquhart invited and brought about 30 of his classmates from his U3A dancing classes. They and we were able to dance the Cha Cha, the Rumba, Rock and Roll, a Waltz, and The Chicken Dance  and the YMCA, amongst others.

We had two special announcements, firstly Fran Broadfoot’s birthday, and then an engagement! David Clifton and Phillipa. CONGRATULATIONS.

After dancing and dining it was time for Santa’s entrance. This year he had a curtain draped and tinsel decorated chair plus he brought two different elves. They almost stole the show, —–their costumes were something to behold. 

They helped by drawing the 13 winning tickets for the hampers and the special prize of the knitted Father Christmas and Merry (Mother) Christmas.

The winners were, 1: Rob Bromley, 2: Mabel Cuce, 3: Margaret Parker, 4: Alton Truffit, 5: Phil Rock, 6: Ken Smith, 7: Dianne Phelan, 8: Richard Lovell, 9: Carl Giardina, 10: Laurie Hogan, 11: Barry Hardman, 12: Marion Beckett and 13: Phil Rock again. The knitted toys were won by Leonie Kirby.

 At the end of the evening M.C. Sandy McDonald thanked those who made this night so successful; all the members of the Social Committee, the men who worked in the bar, Santa and his Elves, the ladies and the man who put together the famous hampers and our entertainer.

We did not have time to thank Sandy, so now we do. Thanks for a lively, happy and well organised night.

Come back on Christmas Eve………Lyn.

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Sandy was the Master of Ceremony.

Fran the birthday girl

Phillipa and David are just engaged

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