Monday and Wednesday Triples and Pairs Tournaments started last week.

Today Monday 12th the weather outside  was freezing but not for  these nonchalant ducks who waddled across the green quite unperturbed….look hard and you can see them.

After 13 and then 15 ends it was good to go inside to greet the Ray White Estate Agents representatives Milan Kinda and Thomas Tseros . Ray White are our sponsors for this day. We thank them for their support.💙💙

The Ray White Representatives

Todays winners were, first,
The two game winners with highest score for the second game,….

Matt, Lyn and Trevor.

Second, the two game winners with the second highest score,…..

Tim, David and Fred.

And third the first game looser, but with highest score for the second game,…..

Peter, Judy and Ian.

No one won the lucky barrel score number of  -21. Well no one owned up to it anyway.

Robert the barrel boy.

Lyn Goodman..