SUPER VETS AND LIFE MEMBERS DAY 2018 – Doncaster Bowling Club



There was a wonderful atmosphere in the club rooms (on 22 March) as at least 35 Super Veterans and Life Members met for their annual luncheon.

Many of the Super Vets and Life Members played a game before lunch, others met for a chat and a ‘catch-up’ inside. 

Fran Broadfoot welcomed everyone including other members who had also played in the morning game before the smorgasbord was started.

Our Bowls President,  Dinesh Balgovind, made a short speech, saying because of his upbringing how he respected older people, their wisdom and thoughts.

Bob Urquhart showed a video that he had produced, of the day two years ago, when Bob Grisold was there in person to witness to opening the back green that was named in his honour.

Lastly Kath White who has been a member for 40 years, spoke about how grateful and lucky she has been in friendships and support over that time between herself and other members.

Yes it was a fine day for all………Lyn.


1. Bowling before lunch. 


2. Chatting inside.


3. Lunch time.


4. Super Vets and Life Members.


5. Dinesh speaking.


6. Bob pleased with his video presentation.


7. Kath White.