If you had to walk down the south side of the club you would be weaving between branches, stems and leaves to get to your parked car. It was unsafe and annoying especially if it rained.

So Brian Donovan organised a working bee. He rang around and today was the big day.


Starting at 9am, within two hours the overgrown bushes were cut back, dug out,  mowed over, swept up , loaded into a trailer, or a big bin and were taken away. All thanks to the hard physical efforts  of  Gary Baird, Tak Shum, Kevin O’ Connell, Antonio Cuce, Ian Hampson, Ed Porad, Brian Salvage, Fred Duthie and Ray Rattray-Wood, and of course overseen by Brian Donovan.

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The men did not believe that their efforts would be rewarded with fresh homemade hot scones jam and cream for morning tea. At 11.30am they found  that that was the truth.
Elaine Kleinert had arrived and was welcomed. And so they dined.



Here is the finished product. Clean, neat and tidy. Brian is pleased and proud.



Thanks to all the workers, to Elaine and to Tak for the extra photos.