There are over 600 pupils at Birralee Primary School Doncaster. Fifty five  teachers and support staff came straight after the lessons had  finished for the day  to enjoy a warm evening of bowls, drinks, a delicious two course BBQ meal plus Kris Kringle.

Many of the teachers and staff  were outside under the umbrellas with a drink in hand by 4 pm. Several were also on the green with our coaches,  but most loved using the time chatting with each other.

There was one group inside organising the loaded Kris Kringle table.

By 6-30pm sharp they were all  seated inside and looking forward to the meal.

Kris Kringle was scheduled between courses, which gave the kitchen staff a chance to catch their breath.

Everyone was wondering what was in the big brown box, which was the KK gift for the Principal Ashley Ryan. It generated much laughter as it turned out to be a bambi statue.

Because the Doncaster Bowls Club Christmas party had to be cancelled, the individual Christmas puddings and brandy cream which were scheduled for that night were now used for sweets. They were so delicious that there were many positive comments. Thank you to the Social Committee for making and providing them.

Many of the guests were still at the club at 9pm.

Here are some photos of the activities.

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and some more….

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There are so many members to thank for helping out :

First and really most importantly Peter Hanson. He has done a marvellous job over the 2022 Christmas period taking requests from groups on so many occasions. Subsequently there have been 21 different groups using the club for their functions. He has organised, coordinated and hosted these days and evenings. When necessary he has also  delivered the meat for these catered meals.

Next the outside coaches. This time John Thorburn, John Nelson, Peter Caldwell and Ray Rattray-Wood helped out.

The Bar Men…..Ian Golding , Geoff Bandy, Laurie Hogan and Tim Fewster worked the bar.

BBQ cooks were Brian Donovan, Cliff Wigney and George Pouki.

Washer-uperers were Tim again and Matt Cursio, whilst Margie Parker was busy putting everything away.

The Ladies who helped Elaine and myself were Kay Golding, Marion Beckett and Anna Pouki. Elaine has many different and up to date ideas on menus, one  dish we used last night was potato au gratin, which no one refused, it went down a treat.

The extra photos are from Kay Golding , John Thorburn and John Nelson.

Thank you one and all….Lyn Goodman.