Twice a year for entertainment the Wednesday  dinner group organisers run a pick-a-box evening after meals. Some prizes are useful, and many are there just for a laugh. Do you want an old brick? or an old CD?, or a bowling teatowel? especially if you are a man who does not bowl. Ok,ok I know some men help with the dishes!!.

But even these secondhand prizes came with a silver lining, there was always something useful as well, a pot plant, a meat tray, jewellery, or a goodly local dining voucher donated by the gifting business.

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The winners were a happy lot, especially a couple who won two prizes each.

Geoff Bandy has a new four buzzer  call system at the bar,  they are fun to use.

If you are reading this and have a Doncaster’s kitchen salad bowl hiding in your home, please return it/ or them, they are like sox in the wash , they are disappearing. Thanks….Lyn.